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Long Thread Media

Zigzag Scarf Weaving Pattern Download

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Many of us follow daily schedules that leave very little time for weaving, so we look for quick projects. Here is another way to look at time. Warping the loom for weft-faced rugs is very fast. It’s the weaving that takes time, but it’s the weaving that brings great satisfaction. Whenever you have a moment, you can spend it joyfully at your loom (no thinking or planning, only the rhythm of weaving, the feel of the weft, watching the growing pattern).

Structure: Plain weave with pick-up
Finished Size: 1 scarf 5" × 60" plus 5" fringe at each end.
Yarns: Warp: 100% merino wool (1,000 yd/lb, 110 yd/50 g ball; Superwash Merino 5; Crystal Palace Yarns), #1003 Viking Purple for red-purple scarf or #5234 Dove Gray for blue-gray scarf, 100 yd (110 yd if larger loom is used). Weft: 80% merino/20% nylon yarn with slow color change yarn (1,800 yd/lb, 198 yd/50 g ball; Sausalito; Crystal Palace Yarns), #8457 Bonfire for redpurple scarf or #8308 Monet for blue-gray scarf, 138 yd.
Warp Ends: 44.
Warp Length: 2. yd (81") long (allows 5" for take-up, 14" for loom waste; loom waste includes fringe). If a larger loom is used, increase warp length to 2. yd, which allows 5" for take-up and 23" for loom waste.
Setts: EPI: 8 PPI: 12
Width in the Reed: 5."
Take-up and Shinkage: 10% in width 7% in length.
Originally Published: Handwoven magazine, May/June 2014

Author/Designer: Handwoven Editors