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Long Thread Media

Winter Jasmine Scarf Weaving Pattern Download

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Tencel and chenille are alluring yarns for weavers. Tencel has a sheen and drape reminiscent of silk, and chenille’s plush texture never loses its appeal for weavers seeking a luxurious fabric. The finished scarf has a luxurious hand and graceful drape. It’s a perfect accessory for special occasions or any time you just want to feel pampered.

STRUCTURE: Plain weave with warp floats and inlay.
EQUIPMENT: Rigid-heddle loom, 10" weaving width; 12-dent heddle; 2 shuttles, 2 bobbins,1 pick-up stick; 2 small stickshuttles (optional).
YARNS: 8/2 Tencel (100% lyocell; 3,360 yd/lb; Cotton Clouds). Gypsy Chenille (100% rayon chenille; 1,300 yd/lb; Cotton Clouds).
FINISHED SIZE: (after washing) 8½" x 70" with 6" fringe.

Author/Designer: Jenny Sennott