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Weldon's Practical Pincushions eBook

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Weldon’s Practical Pincushions, First Series: How to Make Pincushions for Bazaars and Decorative Purposes

Pincushions continue to fascinate while serving their oh-so useful purpose. PieceWork magazine has reproduced for you here the material for 26 pincushions to sew from Weldon’s Practical Needlework, Volume 10 (neither alterations nor corrections were made to the original).

As with most things Victorian, some of these pincushions are whimsical (Egg and Spoon), some are very practical (The Bow), and some are over the top (The Doll)! The patterns found in the various volumes of Weldon’s Practical Needlework are often ingenious. Many of the objects transcend the century-plus span of years since they were devised.

This electronic book serves as a curiosity, an inspiration, a resource, and a link to a time beyond our memories. In using and enjoying it, you keep the craft alive. It is a fitting example of needlework and history, hand in hand.

Author/Designer: Jeanne Hutchins

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