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Weldon's Practical Knitter, Series 25-28 eBook Set

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Enjoy reproduced knitting material from the twentieth century with a unique variety of designs intended to perplex a contemporary knitter accustomed to detailed charts and succinct directions. In Weldon's Practical Knitter, Twenty-Fifth Series, the captivating designs range from practical to ornate with instructions for flamboyant men's stockings, and an adorable combination garment for a child. Enjoy gorgeous "fancy" knit gloves for a three-year-old, or a beautiful border in raised knitting, in Weldon's Practical Knitter, Twenty-Sixth Series. In Weldon's Practical Knitter, Twenty-Seventh Series, learn to create a lovely tassel, stunning Greek pattern lace, delicate Sybil lace, and the Dorinda edging, particularly suited to edge a pincushion. Not to mention the delightful quilt squares, a sweet boy's sweater in Wicker pattern, gorgeous socks for men, and the very intriguing egg cozy in Weldon's Practical Knitter, Twenty-Eighth Series!

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