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Weldon's Practical Knitter, Series 17-20 eBook Set

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PieceWork magazine is pleased to present this collection of Weldon's Practical Knittter, Series 17-20. Enjoy four series of Weldon's in this electronic pattern book. Each series has been repoduced for you here exactly as they were originally published in the 1800s.

Download your copy of Weldon's Practical Knitter, Series 17-20 Set!

Projects included in Series 18:

  • Raised Leaf Border
  • Raised Snowdrop Pattern
  • Ribbed Pattern Square for a Quilt
  • Open Knit Shell for a Quilt
  • A Quilt Worked in Stripes of Close Ridged Knitting and Open Vandyke Knitting
  • Square for a Quilt Knitted in Parallel Ridges
  • Wicker Pattern Square for a Quilt
  • The Clematis Stripe and Cable Stripe
  • Open Bay-Leafe Pattern
  • Kite Pattern
  • Square Knitted in the Form of a Cross
  • Ridged Hexagon for a Quilt
  • The Lily Pattern Quilt
  • Corinthian Pattern
  • Wedge Pattern

Projects included in Series 18:

  • Baby's Shetland Bonnet
  • The Albany Suit
  • The Albany Stocking
  • The Albany Cap
  • Baby's Long GLoves in Brioche Knitting
  • Baby's Gaiters
  • Gentleman's Driving Mittens Knitted on Two Needles
  • Scarf or Comforter Knitted in German Brioche
  • Kamschatka Body
  • The Dunraven Quilt Square
  • Child's Petticoat Knitted in Kilts
  • Lady's Shetland Undervest with V-Shaped Front
  • Lady's Shoulder-Cape in Fluted Knitting
  • Baby's Gloves with Fancy Wristlets
  • Insertion and Fringe
  • Gentleman's Cardigan Jacket
  • Tam O'Shanter Knitted in Rabbit Wool

Projects included in Series 19:

  • Baby's Turban Hat
  • Acanthus Leaf Sexagon
  • Lady's Jacket
  • Sleeping Sock
  • Baby's First Vest
  • Chest Protector
  • Lady's Ribbed Vest
  • Square for a Quilt
  • Child's Shetland Chemise
  • Child's Petticoat
  • Baby's Gloves in Brioche Knitting
  • Emigrant's Vest
  • Child's Slipper
  • Baby's Shetland Jacket
  • Little Battenberg Hood
  • Lady's Bedroom Slippers
  • Vest for a Young Lady
  • Knitted Nightingale
  • Diamond Pattern Border
  • Diamond Pattern for a Shawl
  • Lady's Knitted Vest
  • Vandyke Pattern Border
  • Stripe for a Quilt

Projects included in Series 20:

  • Baby's Warm Bootikin
  • Lady's Petticoat
  • Lady's Vest with Fancy Shell and Feather Pattern on top
  • Design for Petticoats, Vest, Scarfs, and other Purposes
  • Lady's Warm Winter Petticoat
  • French Pattern For A Quilt
  • Boy's Plaid Sock, Athol Tartan
  • Overalls for a Young Child
  • Child's Petticoat Knitted in Two Colours
  • Headcap, or Fascinator
  • Baby's Honeycomb Boot
  • Infant's Petticoat with Bodice