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Weldon's Practical Knitter, Eighteenth Series eBook

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We are very pleased to present PieceWork’s newest eBook. We have reproduced for you here the knitting material from the Eighteenth Series. The 17 featured projects range from simple to ornate and include the sweet Baby’s Long Gloves in Brioche Knitting, the stunning Dunraven Quilt Square with its raised leaves, the Albany Suit for a boy about seven or eight, the Gentleman’s Cardigan Jacket in Moss Stitch, and the fabulous Tam O’ Shanter. They are reproduced for you here exactly as they appear in the original Weldon's; neither alterations nor corrections were made.

This eBook is for the history enthusiast, vintage-inspired knitter, and sophisticated needleworker.

Open a window on another time and another place. Imagine yourself in the turn of the twentieth century in London, England. Test your skills and surprise your needleworking hands with these patterns from the Victorian era. Included in this eBook are 17 various patterns.

  • Baby's Shetland Bonnet
  • The Albany Suit
  • The Albany Stocking
  • The Albany Cap
  • Baby's Long GLoves in Brioche Knitting
  • Baby's Gaiters
  • Gentleman's Driving Mittens Knitted on Two Needles
  • Scarf or Comforter Knitted in German Brioche
  • Kamschatka Body
  • The Dunraven Quilt Square
  • Child's Petticoat Knitted in Kilts
  • Lady's Shetland Undervest with V-Shaped Front
  • Lady's Shoulder-Cape in Fluted Knitting
  • Baby's Gloves with Fancy Wristlets
  • Insertion and Fringe
  • Gentleman's Cardigan Jacket
  • Tam O'Shanter Knitted in Rabbit Wool

The instructions might perplex a contemporary knitter accustomed to detailed charts and succinct directions, but the patterns are often ingenious, and many of the objects transcend the century-plus span of years since they were devised.

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