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Weaving Cloth for Shibori: for Four Shafts or Fewer OnDemand Web Seminar

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About the Web Seminar


Woven shibori is a resist process in which supplemental weft pattern threads are woven into the cloth to create shibori patterns on the finished cloth. Off the loom, the supplemental threads are gathered to form a resist for dyeing. The process results in fabrics with dyed surface designs that result directly from the weaving patterns. It is a perfect integration of weaving and dyeing.


Catharine has been experimenting with woven shibori for 25 years and has taught workshops on the subject in the U.S. and internationally. She will share both technical and design elements to consider in weaving a cloth for shibori.


The participants will learn to look at weaves in new way and consider their potential for making shibori resists in your woven cloth. Once the the tools of the process are understood, they become the foundation of individual exploration in this integration of weaving, dyeing and design


Although it is not in the scope of this webinar to cover dyeing in any detail, it will be discussed in general terms and suggestions will be made.


What You’ll Learn

  • Learn the most successful four shaft weaves to use for woven shibori
  • Discover how to use plain weave to make shibori resists
  • Learn to design, read, and make best the use of a draft woven shibori
  • Consider design elements for woven shibori
  • Choose fibers for woven shibori
  • Learn how to get the sharpest resists from woven shibori
  • Design unique fabrics only a weaver can make


Catharine Ellis has been a weaver and a dyer for over 40 years. After three decades of teaching the Fiber Program at Haywood Community College in NC she is now dedicated to studio work, focusing on natural dye processes. She also does specialized, selected teaching, in the U.S. and internationally.


Catharine is the originator of the woven shibori process and author of the instructional book, Woven Shibori (Interweave Press, 2005). Her textile work is shown extensively in exhibitions and shows. She is currently working collaboratively with the Oriole Mill in NC to produce specialty Jacquard fabrics.


Catharine is actively involved in the Surface Design Association, the World Shibori Network, is a founding member of the Southeastern Fiber Educators Association and established the Western North Carolina Textile Study Group.


Who Should Download?

  • Beginning to advanced weavers who are looking for new ways to use the loom
  • Rigid Heddle weavers
  • Advanced weavers who are willing to look at new possibilities
  • Weavers who enjoy working with color and dye
  • Dyers and colorists who are thinking about learning to weave
  • Weavers of all levels who want to develop better understanding of woven structure
  • Weaving teachers looking for new challenges for their students

Author/Designer: Catharine Ellis