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Long Thread Media

Spin Off Winter 2021

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Explore the elements of structure in the Winter 2021 issue of Spin Off. Stefanie Johnson uncoils the spirals of gimp yarn, harnessing its ability to interlock and retain warmth. Heavenly Bresser investigates elasticity when S and Z mix in opposing-ply yarns. Uncover the French and Gaelic influences in historical kilt stockings from Cape Breton with Dr. Annamarie Hatcher and Barbara Kelly-Landry. Learn how Brian McCarthy moved beyond Merino with the help of a structured breed study.

  • Susan Z. Douglas adapts embroidery stitches to keep knitted fabric flexible.
  • Kim McKenna tells spinners how to revive the dormant crimp in commercially prepared wool fiber.
  • Vanessa Bjerreskov shares her search for the best fibers and blends for lace-knitting yarn.
  • Alanna Wilcox breaks down the steps for planning a handspun knitting project.
Plus, find two projects to knit and an embroidery-stitch primer.