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Long Thread Media

Spin Off, Winter 1993 Digital Edition

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This issue is all about handspun blankets, from tips to projects. Also find tips for spinning right- and left-handed, get a look at Columbia fiber, and find a lesson on measuring twist. Projects include a girl’s bonnet, sweater vests, a baby blanket, a textured afghan, a crocheted afghan, four simple ways to make squares, a lace collar, and some funky jester hats for kids.

Table of Contents:
  • Antarctic Spinner by James Sheppard
  • Where to Find the Old Wheels by William Ralph
  • Fiber Basics: Columbia by Jane Fournier
  • On Gandhi's Path by Pat Slaven
  • Putting On the Dog by Stephen Holzinger
  • Barn Bonnet by Jacqueline Fee
  • Measuring Yarn, Part 3: Twist by Rita Buchanan
  • Use-It-or-Lose-It Sweater Vests by Kaye Collins
  • Handspun Blankets
  • Blanket Basics
  • Guild Blanket Projects
  • Gallery of Handspun Blankets
  • Blankets Made of Many Yarns
  • Four Simple Ways to Make Squares
  • "For Christmas, I want a Barbie..." by Jude Daurelle
  • Spin Off Challenge Part 2
  • Turning a Left-Handed Wheel into a Right-Handed Wheel by Mary Spanos
  • Right? Left? Either? Both? by Rita Buchanan
  • Bump and Grind by Bobbie Irwin
  • Advertisers' Index
  • Books
  • Calendar
  • Classified Ads
  • Editor's Desk
  • Letters
  • Oops
  • Product News
  • Readers Ask
  • Spinners' Connection
  • Barn Bonnet by Jacqueline Fee
  • Sweater Vests by Kaye Collins
  • Baby Blanket by the New York City Guild
  • Textured Afghan by Carole A. Lentz
  • Crocheted Afghan by Mauna Hair
  • Squares by Grace Kumm; Anne Campbell; Jean Huon; and the California Angora Rabbit Society
  • Country Hearts Collar by Jude Daurelle
  • Jester's Hats by Sadelle Anne Wiltshire
  • Pick Pocket by Marion Poellot