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Long Thread Media

Spin-Off, Winter 1990 Digital Edition

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Spin your way throughSpin-Off Winter 1990 with new handspun challenges and projects.Learn about the economic and cultural survival of Tierra, NM through wool and thread production, create silk noil thread for a knitted Peruvian-style hat,and start spinning elastic core yarns for your next project that needs more grip! Plus, learn about blending fibers with a picker and spinning Tierra wools.

Full of projects for all, Spin-Off Winter 1990 is sure to keep your spinning hands busy:

  • Knit Wimples
  • Handspun, Handwoven Cocoon by Cindy Franzek, Joseph Franzek, and Jody Hyman
  • Knit Freeform Fair Isle Vest by Deb Menz
  • Woven Silk/Cotton Blouse with Lace Collage by Rita Buchanan
  • Knit Winter Hood by Celia Quinn
  • Knit Peruvian Hat by Diane Vatney
  • Knit Poncho with Cowl Collar by Ginny Norris
  • Knit Stained-Glass Sweater by Connie Johnson
  • Woven Poncho by Elizabeth Lang

In every issue, you will be amazed at the amount of information packed into these pages:

  • Be inspired by spinners from all over the world. In each issue, you’ll meet spinners with unique stories to tell.
  • Explore a variety of spinning techniques. Get an up-close look at piles of gorgeous handspun yarns and learn how to make them for yourself.
  • Test your spinning skills with projects that use your handspun yarns.
  • And so much more!

This issue was scanned from an original print issue.

Author/Designer: Spin Off Editors