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Long Thread Media

Spin Off, Summer 1983 Digital Edition

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In this issue, read all about Jacob sheep. Consider starting your own spinning wheel collection. Uncover the many angles of twist. Learn to comb and spin worsted. And for a change of pace, try using your handspun for needlework.

Table of Contents:
  • Ravensthorpe: A Festival of Wool
  • Spotting a Good Jacob by Ingrid Painter
  • A Collection of Spinning Wheels by Joan Cummer
  • Twist Demystified by Marlyn Clark
  • Handspinning for Needlework by Chris Ann Shurtleff
  • Yesterday's Necessity –Today's Choice by Gail L. Goodrick
  • Wonderful Worsted by Iris Dozer
  • Wool Production from Small Flocks of Sheep by Kristin Nicholas
  • "How much is that spinner in the window?" by Kristin Nicholas
  • The Continuous Thread, Part 2: From Flax Seed to Linen Cloth by Wheeler Calhoun & Lee Kirschner
  • Tips on Mittens by Jill Martin
  • Approaching the Workshop: A Teacher's Perspective by Ruth Merrill
  • The Editor's Desk
  • Letters
  • Quest & Query
  • Northwest Regional Spinning Association by Ann W. Klinect
  • Spinning Guild News & Views by Ann W. Klinect
  • Spinner's Forum: The Importance of Quality in the Art of Dyeing by Fran McManus
  • Calendar
  • Books
  • Product News