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Long Thread Media

PieceWork Fall 2024

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Breathe new life into old textiles and benefit from the wisdom of thrifty makers and menders throughout history. Find out about the practical tools and time-honored ways that stitchers have used to revive worn fabrics: this issue of PieceWork magazine includes heritage methods such as Victorian restyling and Japanese sashiko, and newer approaches such as upcycled knitting swatches, and refashioned feed sacks.

  • Knit home décor art from scrap yarn with Kaffe Fassett’s Kaleidoscope Diamond Bench Cushion
  • Darn a beloved garment using Angela K. Schneider’s tips for a small mending loom
  • Bring the beauty of the season indoors with Deanna Hall West's silk-ribbon fuchsias to embroider
  • Sew Dawn Cook Ronningen’s Soldiers’ Comfort mending roll to keep your supplies close at hand
  • Meet Barbara G. Walker who reimagined antique knitting patterns for modern knitters
  • Knit Meg Swansen’s Simple Mittens with a bonus patch
  • Learn about fashion, fiber, and sustainability with Elettra Wiedmann and Isabella Rosellini

Celebrate the textiles of the past by learning techniques to maintain and transform yesterday’s crafts into tomorrow’s heirlooms.




    • Schoolgirl Sewing: Mending Books and Garment-Construction Samplers by Alden O’Brien

    • Sashiko and Boro: Utility and Beauty by Karen Elting Brock

    • Soldiers’ Comfort: A Mending Roll to Handsew by Dawn Cook Ronningen

    • Not-So-Cold Feet: 300 Years of Darning Traditions by Sara Rivers Cofield

    • Kaleidoscope Diamond Bench Cushion by Kaffe Fassett

    • Respect and Repurpose: From Film to Fashion, Farm to Fleece by Pat Olski

    • Repairing and Preserving Knitwear the EZ Way by Meg Swansen

    • Simple Mittens by Meg Swansen

    • Betsy Ross: Upholsterer, Flag Maker, and Patriot by Susan Holloway Scott

    • Fuchsias: A Silk-Ribbon Bouquet Based on a Victorian Pelerine, Project IV by Deanna Hall West

    • Fashion and Refashion: Victorian Dressmaking Practices by Karin J. Bohleke

    • Repurposed Feed Sacks: The Romance and the Reality by Sarah Walcott

    • Lockdown Art Blankets from Upcycled Swatches by Kaffe Fassett

    • My Knitting Life A Facet of a Life in Full by Barbara G. Walker

    • Revisited: Visible Mending with a Darning Loom by Angela K. Schneider

      Author/Designer: PieceWork Editors