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Long Thread Media

Spin Off Spring 2023

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Our Color Scheme issue is all about putting color theory into play and practice! Follow an experiment in small-batch dyeing and see how the resulting colors interact in a knitted slip-stitch pattern that will keep you on your toes. Discover the importance of pH when dyeing protein fibers and learn how to measure pH activity at home. See how our authors explored heathered effects with natural-color fleeces, tweed yarns created with beloved thrums, multi-gradient handspun garments with a surprising approach to knitted construction, and more.

  • Discover two ways to spin and weave a band using variegated dyed tussah silk tops.
  • Introduce flecks of color into your handspun yarn, adding speckles to a sweet knitted hat.
  • Learn how one artist spins and dyes Churro fleece, then create your own colorful peahen using traditional Colcha embroidery.



  • Grocery-Store Lichens for Masalas and Magentasby Linda Ligon 
  • The Curious Colorist: Small-Batch Dyeing for the Dabblerby Susan Z. Douglas 
  • The Handspinner and the Hydrogen Ionby Annamarie Hatcher 
  • Heathered Effects: Dye Natural-Color Wool Three Waysby Claudine Celebuski 
  • Testing Tussah: Two Ways to Spin and Weave a Bandby Devin Helmen 
  • Garneted Tweeds: Reusing Thrums for Eco-Friendly Palettesby Jaya Srikrishnan 
  • Color Play with Plant-Dyed Tops by Brian McCarthy
  • Love and Loss: A Ball of Wool by Ali Giles-Damjanovska
  • Colcha Embroidery: Stitching with Churro Wool by Julia R. Gomez
  • Dyeing with Lady's Bedstraw by Isabella Rossi
  • A Many-Seamed Cardigan: Cable & Colorwork by Carolyn Doe
  • Slipped-Color Exploration by Susan Z. Douglas
  • Striated Handspun Hat by Joanna Johnson
  • Northwoods Handspun Tussah Shoelaces by Devin Helmen
  • A Colcha Peahen by Julia R. Gomez