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Handwoven Summer 2024

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In this dual-themed issue, you’ll find something to weave for every season and every room in your home. We’ve focused on projects that use color, patterning, and even asymmetry to excite and inspire you.   

If you want to add warmth and style to your bare floors, our six rug projects will get your weaving creativity flowing. Whether you love bold geometric shapes and bright colors, have rags, stash or shearing leftovers to use up, or are drawn to the allure of supreme fluff, there’s a rug project here for you. In Notes from the Fell, Tom Knisely writes about how he wove a series of rag rug gamps to help him choose warp colors for other rugs. Speaking of rags and leftovers, Endnotes addresses handweaving and the problem of overwhelming textile waste.

Are you wondering how to harness asymmetry in design? Read the article that explains how asymmetry works, and then see how four scarf and towel projects put those principles into action. You’ll also learn how to approach movement challenges in Vintage Weavers, and how (and why!) to dress your multi-shaft loom with a clasped warp.



  • Notes from the FellRag Rug Color Gamps by Tom Knisely
  • Vintage Weavers: Movement Challenges by Cynthia Evetts and Tina Fletcher
  • Soaring Sensations by Sara von Tresckow
  • Weaving a Twice-Woven Rug by Catherine Marchant
  • Balancing Asymmetry by Tien Chiu
  • Clasped Warp on 4 Shafts by Robin Lynde
  • EndnotesTackling Textile Waste by Weaving, by Regina McInnes



  • Tuscan Summer Rug by Sandi Lemons (3-shaft)
  • Twice-Woven Rug by Catherine Marchant (2-shaft)
  • Building Blocks Rug by Suzie Liles (4-shaft)
  • Sand and Sky Stitched Double Cloth Rug by Tom Knisely (8-shaft)
  • Core Spun Comfort Rug by Cynthia Cox (2-shaft)
  • Salts Mill Rug by Frances Richardson (2-shaft)
  • Eventide Elegance Scarf by Tien Chiu (4-shaft)
  • Emerging Asymmetry Scarf by Brenda Gibson (8-shaft)
  • Cascading Colors Scarves by Robin Lynde (4-shaft)
  • Summer Berry Towels by Malynda Allen (4-shaft)
  • Changing Lanes Scarf by Deborah Heyman (8-shaft)