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Spin-Off Presents: Essentials of Drumcarding eBook

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Besides a spinning wheel (or even including a spinning wheel!), a drum carder is the biggest investment many spinners make. Whether you’re borrowing one or you’ve invested in a wool carder of your very own, congratulations! Most spinners say that their drum carders are their most treasured non-wheel possessions. And whether you’re starting out with your own carding tool or are borrowing one, our new eBook will get you off on the right foot. Your new friend needs proper care and feeding to work properly and crank out lovely batts for years to come.

Contents include:

  • Using a Drum Carder Part I: The Basics by Beverly Nissen
  • Using a Drum Carder Part II: Blending by Beverly Nissen
  • Improving your Drum Card by Maury Logue
  • Spinner's Question: Tools for Processing Wool by Rita Buchanan
  • Carded Color by Diane Cutler
  • "Multi-Step" Carding by Deb Menz
  • Carded Rainbow Batts by Alden Amos

Download your copy of Essentials of Drumcarding today!

Note: As some of these articles are true classics, the quality of their images is not as high as we would require today. It’s still great information, so we’ve opted to share it with you despite the rougher edges. You may also note that not all the authors are in agreement on every point. As in all things spinning, there is a bounty of educated opinions. The only way to find your right one is to try it for yourself.