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Spin-Off Presents: Down and Related Breeds eBook

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Spinning Down wool has made quite the resurgence in today's market, and has all but claimed its position as a favorite among handspinners. Once dismissed as "meat sheep" (much to their defender's dismay) the Down breeds are now widely recognized for their springy wool and fascinating history. You'll find that the Down and Related Breeds eBook chronicles not only true Down breeds (such as Dorset Down and Hampshire), but also Down-like breeds (such as Cheviot and Black Welsh Mountain). Although the four breeds aren't without their differences, their similarities dictate that they be mentioned in the same conversation.

It is our hope that this eBook will help spinners develop an affinity for the Down breeds and that they will share their projects and stories in future issues of Spin-Off. Until then, enjoy reading about these uniquely charming breeds.

Author/Designer: Spin Off Editors