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Long Thread Media

Spin-Off, Fall 1994 Digital Edition

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Don’t be afraid of machines—knitting machines! This issue is all about machine knitting with handspun yarn. Doris Crosby gives an introduction to knitting machines for handspinners and will help you decide if you should get a machine, what type of machine, and what accessories. Discover the great results you can get with a basic knitting machine. Plus, learn what other spinners have to say about machine knitting. Finally, get inspirations for your own machine knitting with the Handspun Gallery.

Other feature articles of this issue include:

  • A lesson in Tunisian crochet
  • Fiber Basics: Rambouillet with Jane Fournier
  • Making the Most of Your Spinning Wheel: The Schacht Wheel by Rita Buchanan
  • Canadian Tilt-tension Production Wheels by William Ralph
  • The Natural Diz by Marilyn Rishel Sult

Projects in this issue include a handwoven sweater to make without a loom, a sheep hat, machine-knitted sheep, a “sood” (hood and neck covering in one), and a three-rib beret.

This magazine is a scanned copy.