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Sotis Cloth from West Timor Weaving Pattern Download

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Sotis Cloth from West Timor by Kay Faulkner

You don’t need a backstrap loom to weave this gorgeous sotis cloth inspired 4-shaft runner by Kay Faulkner. The colorful, warp-faced runner is sure to brighten your home.

Inspired by the sotis cloth found in West Timor, Indonesia, Kay Faulkners bright and beautiful runner is an absolute delight. Traditionally woven on backstrap looms, Katy Faulkner’s project can be woven on a 4-shaft loom. The intricate patterning comes from a clever use of color effects and thick-and-thin yarns rather than from pick-up or other hand-manipulated techniques. This handwoven runner pattern is the perfect way to bring a little bit of Indonesia into your home—and onto your loom!

Equipment Needed: 4-shaft loom with 13” weaving width, 12-dent reed, 1 boat shuttle, 1 double bobbin shuttle OR stick shuttle for doubled wefts.

Author/Designer: Kay Faulkner