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Long Thread Media

PieceWork Spring 2024

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Read about the hardworking men and women throughout the ages who have picked up their needles to supplement their income, or to clothe their loved ones. PieceWork Spring 2024 is full of tales and projects ranging from the resourceful Irish nuns who created an international lace industry, to the highly skilled Peruvian knitters whose trademark hats are part of their remote island heritage.

  • Knit renowned designer Hazel Tindall’s delightful tea cozy as a treat for yourself, or as a gift for someone special!
  • Share in the history of the industrious men, women, and children who dropped everything to knit necessities for the soldiers of World War I.
  • Stitch Deanna Hall West’s beautiful silk embroidery forget-me-nots—the second in a series based on a Victorian piece from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
  • Embroider a stunning biscornu from counted thread legend Yvette Stanton’s book, Frisian Whitework.
  • Learn how early twentieth century immigrant Armenian women stitched Marash embroidery pieces as a way to improve their circumstances and find out how to construct the signature stitch.



    • Bide Waarm Tea Cozy by Hazel Tindall
    • Eliza’s Needle by Susan Holloway Scott
    • Biscornu: An Excerpt from Frisian Whitework by Yvette Stanton
    • The Unlikely Knitters of World War I by Mimi Seyferth
    • Intangible Heritage of Humanity Knitting on Taquile Island, Peru by Karen Elting Brock
    • Art, Tradition, Passion Polish Crocheted Lace by Carol J. Sulcoski
    • Forget-Me-Nots Silk Embroidery Based on a Victorian Pelerine, Project II by Deanna Hall West
    • Elsa’s Stitching Legacy by Susan Merrow
    • Fanø Tile Shawl by Christel Seyfarth
    • Knitting in the Ballet World by Alphonse Poulin
    • Improbable Businesswomen: The Carmelite Nuns and New Ross Lace by Gene O'Sullivan
    • Armenian Needlework from Denison House by Sheryl De Jong
    • The Miners of the Dales by Penelope Hemingway
    • Revisited: An On-the-Go Project Bag to Crochet by Katrina King

        Author/Designer: PieceWork Editors