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PieceWork, September/October 2016 Digital Edition

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PieceWork September/October 2016

PieceWork’s annual nod to the literary world celebrates the clandestine world of the mystery genre. This download features behind-the-scenes stories on admired authors Ngaio Marsh and Patricia Moyes, as well as a salute to our much-loved literary heroines. You will find nine projects including a Knitting Bag inspired by sleuth Nancy Drew, Pippi’s Long Stockings and a delightful Regency-era doll dress fashioned after those of the Jane Austen period. Readers also get a glimpse into the world of beloved children’s author Jan Brett and the pattern to re-create the mittens from her beloved classic The Mitten, an adaptation of a classic Ukrainian folktale. And don’t forget to check out the winners of this year’s PieceWork Miniatures Contest!

Features and Projects included in this download:

  • PieceWork Miniatures Contest - 2016 Winners
  • Inside the Mitten: A Peek into Jan Brett’s Adaptation of a Classic Ukrainian Folktale by Kathy Augustine
  • Handwork and the Mystery Genre by Julie Turjoman
  • Maudje-Jane Cloche to Knit by Julie Turjoman
  • The Secret in the Stitches: Nancy Drew and Knitting by Kathy Augustine
  • Nancy’s Knitting Bag to Knit by Kathy Augustine
  • Dimity’s Baby Cap to Knit by Evelyn A. Clark
  • Whodunit?: Ask Jane Austen by Mary Polityka Bush
  • A Regency-Era Doll Dress to Sew and Embroider by Mary Polityka Bush
  • A Scarf to Knit for Vera by Susan Strawn
  • Fabrications: Textile Notes in Ngaio Marsh’s New Zealand Mysteries by Carol Huebscher Rhoades
  • Carol’s Mystery Cowl to Knit by Carol Huebscher Rhoades
  • Patricia Moyes’s Lethal Knitting Needle by Mimi Seyferth
  • Windmill Socks to Knit by Mimi Seyferth
  • Pippi’s Long Stockings to Knit by Laura Ricketts

Author/Designer: Piecework Editors