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Long Thread Media

PieceWork, September/October 1993 Digital Edition

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This issue focuses on linear embroidery from England, Turkish knitting, twined rag rugs, and Athapaskan beadwork. Needleknitting from ancient Peru, produced 2,000 years ago, still stuns us today. Learn how the Triangle Shirtwaist Company’s tragic fire spurred needed changes in safety and work laws. Discover how samplers of linear motifs were once essential references for embroiderers. Knit a pair of traditional Turkish socks Eastern style and similar socks using Western techniques.

8 A Place to Come to Where to see skilled handwork: The Canadian Museum of Civilization by Susan Lightstone
12 Linen Closet: Caring for fine handwork, Your Family Quilt Is a Textile Artifact by Susan Haynes Opdahl
15 Wordspinning: Letters, journals, literature “Plain Anne Ellis” by Anne Ellis
28 Where Sand Falls Like Rain: Needleknitting from ancient Peru by Kax Wilson
39 Finger Puppets to Needleknit by Jean Scorgie
42 The Triangle Shirtwaist Company Fire, 1911 by Deborah Cannarella
46 Touched by the Flames: Sarah Sorenson, 1888–1992 by Deborah Cannarelh
49 Seventeenth-Century English Band Sampler by Marsha Van Valin
52 Hand Towels to Embroider by Jean Scorgie
54 Turkish Knitted Stockings by Anna Zilboorg
59 Turkish Socks to Knit by Anna Zilboorg
64 Twisting Up a Rug by Bobbie Irwin
69 A Twined Rag Rug to Make by Bobbie Irwin
72 “Finery and Bright Colors” by Caler Britton Barnes
76 Portrait of an Athapaskan Beadworker by Sue Lenthe
78 Button Covers to Bead by Deborah Robson
80 Prodigal Quilts by Veronica Patterson
84 A Tiny-Pieced Quilt to Make by Susan Haynes Opdahl
96 Patterns: The Rare Art of Birch Bark Biting by John Norris