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PieceWork Presents: Filet Crochet with Instructions Series No. 2 eBook

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Enjoy 42 filet crochet designs, originally published in 1915!

Discover the intricacy and whimsy of filet crochet in this eBook, which is an exact reproduction of Filet Crochet with Instructions by Mary E. Fitch, Series No. 2.

The original, published in Brookline, Massachusetts, in 1915, includes a one-page advertisement for W Brand Cottons, “Sold Only at F. W. Woolworth Co.’s Stores”; all of the designs in the book call for W Brand Cotton thread.

Thread sizes range from 3 to 70; no hook sizes were included. In the introduction, Mary states: “Instructions are given for the designs which are elaborate, others may be worked from the illustrations.” Crisp black-and-white detail photographs serve as illustration.

"Crocheting is one of the most interesting kinds of fancy work and at the present time is decidedly one of the most popular; it has of course been known for many years and has always more or less been a favorite work." - Mary E. Fitch from Filet Crochet with Instructions

Within these pages, you’ll find the intriguingly named Bungalow Centerpiece and the adorable nursery towels with storks and the word “Baby,” along with insertions, edgings, a bedspread design, doilies, sofa pillows, a bureau scarf, guest towels, napkins, and an alphabet.

So pick up your hook, grab some crochet cotton, and start filet crocheting with Mary E. Fitch!

Dowload your copy of Filet Crochet with Instructions, Series No. 2!

Author/Designer: Piecework Editors