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Long Thread Media

PieceWork, March/April 2010 Digital Edition

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"Everyday Cloth" examines these and other oddities that Victorian and Edwardian women with the leisure to make things by hand thought necessary in their daily lives. And the "Ladies Useful Stockings to Knit," perfect for reenactors, incorporate a Dutch Heel and a Flat Toe, techniques that were favored by Victorian knitters. Trace the life of an extraordinary woman in "Knitting for Survival: Anna Samens and Her Knitting Machine": beginning in 1909, when Anna was seventeen and working in her father's knitting factory in Riga, Latvia, and continuing on to Russia, back to Latvia, then to Germany, and finally to Canada, Anna literally relied on her knitting machine for survival. And there's much more in the March/April 2010 issue of PieceWork!