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PieceWork, July/August 2014 Digital Edition

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Explore the rich history of needlework in PieceWork's July/August 2014 issue!

This issue of PieceWork is all about discovery! In this issue, you will discover seven arts, both new and old, from netting to yap lace to Irish Crochet and more. Explore one of England's loveliest laces, Honiton, and learn how to knit an Icelander. Get your copy of PieceWork July/August 2014 to see what you will discover inside!

Included in the July/August issue:

  • Edith Graham Mayo’s Linen Duster with Irish Crochet Accents by Laura Esther Ricketts
  • Irish Crochet Cuffs to Make
    by Laura Esther Ricketts
  • Catherine of Aragon Wasn’t the First: England’s Blackwork Embroidery
    by Mary Polityka Bush
  • A Moorish Motif to Embroider in Double Running Stitch by Mary Polityka Bush
  • Compass Rose Shawl to Knit by Katrina King
  • Giant Bobbins, Cords, and the Franciscans
    by Angela Peel
  • Honiton Lace: One of England’s Loveliest Laces by Jo Ann Eurell and Laurie Waters
  • A Chain of Netting by Rita Bartholomew
  • Bookmarks to Net by Rita Bartholomew
  • A Yap Lace Edging in Crochet and Needle Lace by Bart Elwell
  • The Icelander Sweater from the Faroe Islands by Lita Rosing-Schow
  • How to Knit an Icelander by Lita Rosing-Schow

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Author/Designer: Piecework Editors