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Felt It: Make Mini Gnomes Video Download

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Do you love miniature things? Do you love needle felting? We have combined the two in this instructional video on how to make 2 inch tall mini gnomes! Join sisters Jennifer and Melissa Vansant as they teach you how to create adorable miniature gnomes.

The Vansant sisters have been in the felting business for more than 10 years, making needle felting kits and felted figures. In their video workshop, Felt It: Make Mini Gnomes you will learn how to create 3D figures out of sheep's wool with a simple needle tool.

With this 47-minute video workshop, you will learn:

  • How to construct the body for a male or a female gnome
  • How to create leg definition
  • How to create the arms and hands
  • How to felt the hat
  • How to add face and hair

Download Felt It: Make Mini Gnomes with Jennifer and Melissa Vansant today!

Author/Designer: Jennifer Vansant

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