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Making Printed Patterns Your Own: Techniques for Adapting Weaving Projects to Suit Your Needs Web Seminar Download

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Making Printed Patterns Your Own: Techniques for Adapting Weaving Projects to Suit Your Needs
with Janet Dawson
On Demand Web Seminar

Most weavers start out by following printed instructions in books or magazines but before long we're anxious to plan our own projects and produce exactly the cloth we want for exactly the purpose we have in mind. Planning a project from scratch can be intimidating, though, especially when you haven't yet built up a wealth of experience to draw from. There's no better way to reduce the fear factor and gather that valuable experience than to take existing projects and adapt them in various ways: changing the sett, changing the dimensions, changing the yarns used, etc. This can be as simple as lengthening a place mat to weave a runner, or as complicated as turning instructions for lace curtains into yardage for a wedding dress. The sky is the limit, and the degree of the change is up to you.

In this webinar, Janet will discuss various considerations to keep in mind when making changes to printed projects such as deciding on sett, choosing yarns, adjusting stripes and scale, and altering the threading draft. She will point you to resources you can refer to when making these decisions, and will take you step by step through her process for making small or large adjustments to a printed project. By the end of the webinar, you'll have the skills and resources you need to feel confident when making changes to an existing project and be well on your way to weaving independence.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What to consider when changing yarns for a projects
  • How to decide on appropriate sett for your revised fabric
  • When and how to change the scale of a design element or to add repeats
  • How to scale up a designAdding borders or hems
  • Where to find resources online to aid in making design decisions

Who Should Attend:

  • Weavers who are ready to move beyond a dependence on printed patterns
  • Weavers who are intimidated by planning their own projects
  • Weavers who want to weave a particular thing but can't find instructions for it

About the Instructor:

Janet Dawson has taught floor loom weaving in Canada and the US for the past 15 years and is the instructor of the popular online Floor Loom Weaving class at She has had articles published in the Ontario Spinners & Handweavers magazine and twice in Handwoven.

Refusing to land anywhere on the color/texture, structure/pattern spectrum, Janet loves both complicated, multi-shaft structures and the beauty of simple structures like plain weave and twill. Her current focus is block weaves – both weaving them and demystifying them for others. Even more than weaving itself, Janet enjoys teaching weaving and interacting with other weavers.

Author/Designer: Janet Dawson