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Kente Inspired Scarf Weaving Pattern Download

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Kente-Inspired Scarf by Suzanne Halvorson

Evoke the feeling of traditional Ghanaian kente cloth on your home loom with Suzanne Halvorson’s beautiful 4-shaft Kente-Inspired Scarf.

Kente cloth is recognized the world over for its creative patterning and bold use of colors. If you can make the trip to Ghana to buy your own, you can weave this beautiful 4-shaft Kente-Inspired scarf by Suzanne Halvorson on your home loom. Traditionally kente cloth is warp-faced cloth woven in narrow strips that are then sewn together to form larger yardage. For her scarf, Suzanne enlarged a pattern found on a piece of kente cloth in her own collection and wove it in a simple weft-faced plain weave interspersed with areas of warp-faced stripes using silky soft bamboo. The result is a gorgeous scarf that is easy to weave on your own 4-shaft loom and that pays homage to the much beloved Ghanaian cloth tradition.

Equipment Needed: 4-shaft loom with 10” weaving width; 12-dent reed; 2 shuttles, 6 bobbins.

Author/Designer: Suzanne Halvorson