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Jin Silk Scarf 8-Shaft Weaving Pattern Download

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Silk yarns are the perfect choice for this scarf designed by Bonnie Inouye and woven in turned taqueté by Sandra Hutton. Not only does the light-yet-sturdy silk drape beautifully in this warp-emphasis weave structure, but the silk also catches the light and adds to the iri¬descence created by the careful combination of complementary colors in warp and weft.

STRUCTURE: Turned taqueté.
EQUIPMENT: 8-shaft loom, 11" weaving width; 10-dent reed; 1 shuttle; 2 bobbins.
YARNS: Kiku 20/2 silk (5,000 yd/lb; 1,100 yd/3.5 oz skein; Treenway Silks). Taiyo- 30/2 silk (7,500 yd/lb; 1,650 yd/3.5 oz skein; Treenway Silks).
FINISHED SIZE: 8½" x 70" with 1" double¬weave hems.

Author/Designer: Bonnie Inouye