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Long Thread Media

Iridescent Inlaid Scarves by Line DuFour Weaving Pattern Download

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These stunning scarves use color in a clever way to achieve woven iridescence. Ribbon yarn inlay adds extra texture and some bright pops of color to the cloth.

Theo Moorman inlay variation

Loom Type: 4-shaft loom

Finished Dimensions:
3 scarves 6½" x 68"


Rayon flake (3,700 yd/lb, Maurice Brassard), Jose (blue green), 1,216 yd.

Tie-Down Warp:
Sewing thread to match warp color, 272 yd.

Ground Weft:
Scarf 1: Xie (100% bamboo, 4,200 yd/lb), lavender#470, 380 yd. Scarves 2 and 3: Bamboo 8/2 (100% bamboo, 3,360 yd/lb, Maurice Brassard), Bleu Moyen #BB5977, 334 yd each.

Inlay Weft:
Eros II ladder ribbon yarn (100% nylon; 165 yd/50 gm; Plymouth Yarns) #3013, 40 yd for Scarf 1. Eros II ladder ribbon yarn, #3012 for Scarf 2 and #4796 for Scarf 3, 30 yd each.

Warp Ends:

Warp Length:
8 yd. long


25 epi (3-2/dent in a 10-dent reed).

Scarf 1, 24 ppi; Scarves 2 and 3, 21 ppi.

Width in the Reed: 7?"

Project originally published in Handwoven, May/June 2013

Author/Designer: Line Dufour