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How to Make Death Head Buttons On Demand Web Seminar

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Despite its ominous name, the Death Head button is a charming jewel. Create your own buttons with this webinar hosted by Erica Patberg.

The sheen of the Death Head button's silk and intriguing pattern made it popular on elegant clothing of the 17th century Colonial America.

Learn the basics of wrapping your own Death head and delve into advanced techniques. Knitwear designer, Erica Patberg, shares the intriguing history of the Death head while you learn to create the more intricate variations using multiple colors, creating stripes and adding embellishment. You’ll view beautiful examples of historical buttons from textile and museum collections from around the world and learn how to create your own works of art.

What you'll learn:

  • Discover the intriguing social history around the manufacture of these unique buttons.
  • Review basic Death head button wrapping.
  • Learn how to create the more intricate variations, such as mutliple colors, stripes, and six- and eight-sided geometry.
  • View beautiful historic garments.
  • Explore the endless possibilities for creating your own masterpieces.
  • Find resources for button making materials and further exploration.
  • And more!

Who should attend:

  • Button lovers and collectors
  • Costume designers
  • Historical re-enactors
  • Knitters, crocheters or seamstresses searching for the perfect button for a special garment
  • Textile artists
  • Makers and crafters
  • Jewelry makers
  • Quilters looking for unique embellishments
  • Anyone with an interest in historical textiles

Erica Patberg is a knitwear designer and ex-pat New Yorker. She works from her studio in an old ferry house on the banks of the Ijssel River in the Netherlands where she houses her collection of inspirational swatches and antique knitting books. She’s passionate about bringing historic techniques to contemporary design and enthusiastically shares her knowledge.

Thank you to our sponsor, Wm. Booth Draper.

For wooden button molds used to create Death Head Buttons, visit William Booth, Draper's website.

Author/Designer: Erica Patberg