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How and Why to Turn a Draft

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How & Why to Turn a Draft
with Karen Donde
Web Seminar Downoad| 60 Minutes

Join Karen Donde as she discusses how and when to turn a draft when weaving.

Turning a draft so treadling becomes threading and vice versa can mean faster, one-shuttle weaving of complex patterns. It also can simplify other aspects of warping or weaving, and even enhance some woven textiles’ design and performance. However, turning a draft may require threading twice as many ends and tensioning multiple warps independently, and in some cases it’s not worth the effort.

Karen has been turning drafts since her first, slow encounter with weaving Beiderwand, a supplementary weft weave, in very fine threads. In this webinar, she will show participants how to turn a draft and adjust the tie-up manually and with weaving software. A handout provided in advance will allow hands-on practice with the technique. Karen will also demonstrate whether, or in what circumstances, turning the draft does or does not make sense.

What you'll learn:

  • What it means to turn a draft and how to do it
  • Whether your two-shuttle weave can become a one-shuttle weave
  • Other ways turning a draft may simplify warping or weaving
  • Why turning a draft may improve the design or performance of a woven textile
  • How to weave multiple structures on one threading
  • Technical challenges to turning a draft
  • How to know when you should or should not turn a draft

Who should download:

  • Novice through advanced weavers who haven’t yet added turning a draft to their weaving toolbox
  • Weavers who like supplementary weft weaves, but not weaving with two shuttles
  • Weavers who want more options for designing at the loom
  • Weavers interested in the design potential of supplementary warps

About the instructor:
Karen Donde weaves garments, fashion accessories and home textiles for sale and teaches beginning-advanced weaving classes and assorted workshops for guilds and conferences throughout the United States. She is a juried member of the Southern Highland Craft Guild and graduated in May 2013 from Haywood Community College’s Professional Crafts-Fiber program. An experienced and award-winning writer with a bachelor of journalism degree from the University of Missouri, Donde now writes for and about weavers. She is a contributor to Handwoven magazine and its Weaving Today email newsletter, and serves on the magazine’s Editorial Advisory Board.

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Author/Designer: Karen Donde