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Handwoven's Design Collection 19 eBook

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Scarves and shawls are fun to weave. They require no cutting or sewing and they can be woven on the simplest looms, yet they turn humdrum outfits into eye-dazzlers. This newest collection from Handwoven magazine includes 15 projects in glorious colors and intriguing weave structures in a wide range of materials from silky soft, woolly to gossamer, dressy to practical. Give them as gifts, use them to enhance a wardrobe, drape them on a couch or chair to enjoy, or hang them on the wall and call them art. Why not?


Autumn Leaves Shawl in Chenille
Barbara Herbster [4 shafts]

Collapse-Weave Scarf in Wool and Silk
Yvonne Stahl [4-8 shafts]

Blooming Leaf Chenille Scarf
Jean Korus [4 shafts]

Child’s Play: A Winter Scarf
Liz Gipson [4 shafts]

The Mobi-Q Shawl
Margo Carr [8 shafts]

A Winter Scarf in Dornik Twill
Scott Norris [4 shafts]

Doubleweave for a Wool Ruana
Betsy Blumenthal [4 shafts]

Soft and Silky Warp-Faced Scarf
Suzanne DeAtley [4-8 shafts]

Silk Huck Lace Shawls for Spring
Ruth Morrison [4-8 shafts]

Spring Flowers Shawl
Helen Bobisud [8 shafts]

A Twill Scarf That’s Light as Air
Marcella Laughlin and Mary Frost [4 shafts]

Night Windows Scarf
Barbara Weissman [8 shafts]

Lavender Shadows Scarves
Gudrun Polak [8 shafts]

Peacock Shawl in Shiny Tencel
Horace Lethbridge [8 shafts]

A New Millennium Quechquemitl
Sara Lamb [4 shafts]