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Handwoven, Summer 1985 Digital Edition

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Handwoven, Summer 1985

This issue celebrates Mayan Folk Textiles. Folk textiles often provide insight into those values which hold a people together. Not only are the textile traditions a product of cultural values, but they themselves become the symbol of the society. Discover the textiles that created a culture in this digital summer edition of Handwoven Magazine. 

You will also enjoy projects, inspired by everything from easy, comfortable Fiesta Wear to Western weavers Shifu textile.

Articles included in Handwoven, Summer 1985:

  • Double Weave Blocks on Eight
  • Four-Shaft Double Weave with Color and Weave Effects
  • Fiesta! Wear!
  • Weavings for a Summer Home
  • And More!

Download your copy of Handwoven Summer 1985 today and start your own weaving adventure! 

Author/Designer: Handwoven Editors

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