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Handwoven Spring 2024

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Flying inspired the eleven projects in this issue that honor butterflies, birds, planes (both real and paper), and even the passage of time. Flight as a metaphor can also be found in many of the articles, whether it’s the Idea Gallery about printing swallow motifs on a shawl warp, an Endnotes about a flock of Noh Coats, or saving fleeting time through unique approaches to warping. In Notes from the Fell Tom Knisely talks about the inspiration he has found through travel and offers tips for how to use travel to inform your own weaving designs. You’ll learn how to keep your mind sharp in Vintage Weavers, how to use one ice-dye setup for two warps, and how a reader is helping her husband stay connected through weaving potholders.

Whether your feet are firmly planted on Planet Earth or your head is in the clouds, this issue based on the magic of flight will delight you.  



  • Stepping UpLooped In by Lucy Morris
  • Notes from the FellInspiration from Travel by Tom Knisely
  • Idea GalleryThe Swallows Embrace by Rhonda Luckey
  • Vintage Weavers: Staying Sharp by Cynthia Evetts and Tina Fletcher
  • Warp Speed: Winding Warps with Multiple Ends in Hand by Véronique Perrot
  • Doubled-Up Ice Dyeing by Yvonne Ellsworth
  • EndnotesA Flock of Noh Coats by Toby Smith


  • Swift Serviettes by Véronique Perrot (4-shaft)
  • Swedish Shetland Shawl by Bettie Zakon-Anderson (4-shaft)
  • Take Flight Coverlet by Malynda Allen (4-shaft)
  • Paper Airplanes Poncho by Jennifer Chapman (pin loom)
  • Tessellating Triangles Towels by Sheila O'Hara (8-shaft)
  • Calling All Butterflies Runner by Sue Anne Sullivan (4-shaft)
  • Monarch Scarf by Samantha Haring (6-shaft)
  • Avian Elegance by Sydney Sogol (8-shaft)
  • NYC Pigeon Scarf by Sophia Eller (8-shaft)
  • Swans A-Swimming by Annette Swan Schipf (8-shaft)
  • Call of the Crows Towels by Yvonne Ellsworth (4-shaft)