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Long Thread Media

Handwoven Special Pattern Collection: 5 Gifts to Weave

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There are few gifts more appreciated than a handwoven textile, whether it’s a one-of-a-kind scarf, a cozy blanket to wrap someone in warmth, or a table linen that lights up any occasion. 

These from the simplicity of log cabin to the sophistication if Yvonne Stahl’s spectacular overshot scarf, these projects make wonderful use of color and structure. We hope you enjoy weaving these as much as the recipients enjoy using them. And don’t forget to put on enough warp to make some for yourself.

Projects include:

  • Log Cabin Runner by Tracy Kaestner
  • Colorful Overshot Scarf by Yvonne Stahl
  • Doubleweave Placemats by Betty Bell
  • Colorful Double-Faced Scarves by Lestra Hazel
  • Doublewidth Log Cabin Blanket by Jennifer Moore

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