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Long Thread Media

Handwoven’s Design Collection 14: Weaving for Baby Book

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What is it about babies that brings out the best in weavers? If the projects in this collection are any indication, those little bundles of joy are also bundles of inspiration. Some of the most delightful, sweet, unusual, and even surprising projects crossed the Handwoven desk when this collection was created—all with a special little one in mind.

We hope you find the ideas in this issue right for your favorite little one. If your weaving needs to transcend baby projects, you can easily translate the weave structures and textures in these projects into other items, from table linens to clothing. So, enjoy exploring these possibilities, and consider spending a quiet moment with a baby next time you’re in the weaving doldrums-you may find just the inspiration you need!


  • Windowpane Baby Sweater by Ann Walker [3-shaft]
  • Luke’s Christening Gown by Louetta Heindl Kambic [4-shaft]
  • Primary Blocks Wall Hanging by Carol Strickler [4-shaft]
  • “Red Riding Hood” Doll Set, original idea by Clara Pinkham and woven by Janice Jones [4-shaft]
  • Baby’s Clutch Ball by Kris Noble [4-shaft]
  • Dish Towel Animals by Mary Berent [4-shaft]
  • Rosepath Baby Blanket by Katie Bloomfield [4-shaft]
  • Baby’s Rainbow Blanket by Diane Wallihan [4-shaft]
  • Pastel Baby Wrap by Ilse Brake Lively [8-shaft]
  • Music Pillow, designed and woven by Jane Patrick and assembled by Louise Bradley [6-shaft]
  • Cotton Kimono Jacket by Susanne H. Smith [4-shaft and 5-shaft versions]
  • Helston Furry Dance Blanket by Noné C. Redmond [10-shaft]
  • Hearts and Petals Baby Bibs by Jan Adams [8-shaft]