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Handwoven Presents: Weaving Around the World Pattern Pack Download

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Handwoven Presents: Weaving Around the World Pattern Pack

From Harris tweed to Scandinavian Krokbragd and African Kente cloth, the world is full of wonderful weaving. In the Weaving Around the World Pattern Pack you’ll learn how to weave 5 stunning projects inspired by international textile traditions, no plane ticket required. The 4-shaft and 8-shaft patterns in this pattern pack feature projects inspired by the weaving of Iceland, Ghana, West Timor, Russia, and the Pennsylvania Dutch. Each pattern includes information about the cloth inspiration from the designers so you can learn all about the traditions behind the project. Whether you want to learn a new technique or add some international flair to your weaving, this pattern pack has something for you.

Included in this pattern pack:

Sotis Cloth from West Timor
by Kay Faulkner

In her project, Kay Faulkner takes warp-faced sotis cloth which is traditionally backstrap woven and translates it into a project for a 4-shaft loom.

Moscow Nights Tea Towels
by Jenny Sennott

The draft for these 8-shaft towels comes from a 1912 Russian draft. The color and patterns are reminiscent of glamorous imperial Russia.

Kente-Inspired Scarf
by Suzanne Halvorson

In Ghana, kente cloth is highly valued as a fabric of beauty, status in story. Instantly recognizable, weavers around the world adore this beautiful fabric. For her scarf, Suzanne Halvorson adapts this classic cloth for the 4-shaft loom.

Baltic Hearts Tea Towels
by Susan J. Foulkes

Thread your loom just once and weave four different 4-shaft towels in huck and variations of waffle weave! These classic red and white checked towels are certain to brighten any kitchen.

The Show Towel
by Tom Knisely

The show towel is a tradition you’ll find not only throughout Europe, but also in Pennsylvania. Tom Knisely’s 4-shaft overshot towels pay homage to the traditional show towels of the Pennsylvania Dutch.

Author/Designer: Handwoven Editors