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Long Thread Media

Log Cabin Runner Weaving Pattern Download

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Almost everyone on your holiday list would love a decorative table runner, especially if it is handwoven by you! This runner would be the best gift to give as Log cabin's subtle pattern of vertical and horizontal stripes can harmonize with dishes and other items without overwhelming the recipient. Choose any two colors and wrap the threads side by side on a ruler to see how they blend to get the perfect look for any decor.

Structure: Log cabin (plain weave with color-and-weave effects)

Loom Type: 2-shaft

Finished Dimensions: 1 hemmed runner 141?2" x 521?2"


Warp: 16/2 linen (2,705 yd/lb); burgundy color #477 and gold #454, 438 yd (23?5 oz) each color

Weft: 16/2 linen (2,705 yd/lb); burgundy #477 and gold #454, 290 yd (13?4 oz) each color. Use 8/2 cotton or 22/2 cottolin instead, following the same directions

Warp Ends: 328 ends alternating 1 end burgundy and 1 end gold

Warp Length: 22?3 yd long


Warp: 20 epi (2/dent in a 10-dent reed)

Weft: 20 ppi

Width in the Reed: 162?5"

Take up & Shrinkage: 12% in width and 7% in length

Project originally published in Handwoven magazine, March/April 2006