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Long Thread Media

Sparkling Snowflake Runner Weaving Pattern Download

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Have you always been fascinated with the beauty and complexity of the advancing twill patterns called snowflake twills? Create a sparkling snowflake Christmas table runner pattern with the perfect yarn and specialty thread combo! Use white laceweight bamboo from Habu that's as white as new-fallen snow and Sulky's Silver Metallic with it's wonderful, sparkling, reflective qualities to weave the most beautiful holiday runner.

Structure: Snowflake twill

Loom Type: 8-shaft loom

Finished Dimensions: 1 runner 16¼" x 30½"


Warp: laceweight bamboo (338 yd/oz, 5,408 yd/lb; Habu), #XS-6 white, 1,298 yd; metallic thread (250 yd/spool, Sulky), #145-8040 silver, 1,298 yd; 60/2 silk (14,800 yd/lb, WEBS), white, 6 yd

Weft: laceweight bamboo, white, 756 yd; metallic thread, silver, 756 yd; 60/2 silk, white, 96 yd

Warp Ends: 519 working ends (1 lace bamboo/1 silver metallic used together)

Warp Length: 2½ yd long


Warp: 30 epi (2 working ends/dent in a 15-dent reed; one working end is 1 bamboo and 1 metallic)

Weft: 30 ppi on main pattern; 60 ppi allowed for silk in hems

Width in the Reed: 17½"

Take up & Shrinkage: 8% in width 13% in length

Project originally published in Handwoven magazine, 2015