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Handwoven Presents: Baby Wrap eBook

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Women around the world have been using baby wraps for centuries. Call it multitasking, innovative, or just plain common sense-baby wraps are a mother's best friend. Babies and baby wearers come in all shapes and sizes. As such, it's important to make sure that your wrap is safe for you and your little one. Get your copy of the Baby Wrap eBook today and re-discover what so many women around the world already know!


Safety and Handwoven Baby Wraps
By Linnea Catalan [8 shafts]

The Promise Baby Wrap
By Katie Forrest [4 shafts]

Doubleweave Baby Wrap
By Marjorie Erickson [4 shafts]

Two Baby Wraps
By Esther Budd, sponsored by Yarn Barn of Kansas [8 shafts]

Two Baby Wraps in Natur­ally Colored Cotton
By Susan E. Horton, sponsored by Lunatic Fringe Yarns [4-8 shafts]

Point-Twill Baby Wrap
By Georgean Curran [8 shafts]

Mountain Colors Baby Wrap
By Judith Querciagrossa [4 shafts]

Shadow Weave Baby Wrap
By Carl Friedlander, sponsored by Halcyon Yarn [8 shafts]

Rainbow Baby Wrap
By Margaret Jones [4 shafts]

Twill Checks Baby Wrap
By Jan Marks [4 shafts]

Pink Balloons Baby Wrap
By Jolanda Rietdijk [24 shafts]