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Handwoven November/December 2020

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One of the joys of weaving is taking a finished piece off the loom—and sometimes that joy is enhanced when you see the weaving on the underside. The November/December 2020 issue of Handwoven explores two-sided weaving, whether planned or accidental. All of the projects are beautiful examples of cloth that is equally useful—and beautiful—on both sides. Jennifer Moore of doubleweave fame discusses how unexpected “b-side” designs have informed her career, Tom Knisley talks about the stories cloth can tell and different methods of weaving double-sided fabric, and Arianna Funk writes about traditional Scandinavian rya blankets that are woven to use with the pile side down. Included in the issue, Lynn Hughes describes the problems she encountered while weaving a wall-hanging for her son, Kaz Madigan explains how to use a wave stick, and the Yarn Lab covers Mountain Meadow Wool’s Rambouillet yarn, Cody.

Projects + Stories:

  • B-Side Magic by Jennifer Moore
  • Notes from the Fell: Two Sides to Every Cloth by Tom Knisely
  • Weaving with a Wave Stick by Kaz Madigan
  • Idea gallery: Chakra wall hanging by Lynn Hughes
  • Traditions: Slitrya by Arianna E. Funk
  • Yarn lab: Cody by Mountain Meadow Wool by Angela K. Schneider
  • Endnotes: I’ve looked at buying yarn from both sides now… by Tracy Kaestner
  • Ruffles Scarf by Denise Bolger Kovnat (8-shaft)
  • Silk Stripes by Laura Fry (4-shaft)
  • Wandering Paths by Susan E. Horton (rigid heddle or 4-shaft)
  • Glowing Embers by Marlene Lloyd (8-shaft)
  • Bread Cloths by Katrina King (4-shaft)
  • Surprise! Shadow-Weave Towels by Deb Essen (8-shaft)
  • Doublecheck Scarf by Annette Norviel (8-shaft)
  • Two-For-One Taqueté Rug by Patricia Crane (4-shaft)
  • Samba by Melissa Lusk With McCrystle Wood (4-shaft)
  • Lillebror Slitrya by Arianna E. Funk (4-shaft)