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Handwoven November/December 2019

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It’s easy to weave straight lines and grids on a loom; curves and circles take a bit more finesse, but they are oh-so-fun to weave. Given that, we decided to dedicate our November/December 2019 issue of Handwoven to weaving circles and curves. This issue features circles woven in lace, shadow weave, twill, M’s and O’s, and more. There’s also a Möbius scarf for those who wants to wear circles as well as weave them. 

Also in this issue, Tom Knisely explores the circle of life with green burials and ponders weaving his own shroud while Sharon Airhart writes an Endnotes essay about circling back to weaving after years away. Also in this issue: velvet weaving in Venice, warping tips and tricks, and the design possibilities of deflected doubleweave.  


  • Tessitura Bevilacqua: Velvet Weaving in Venice by Deb Essen
  • Idea Gallery: Layers of Design by Janney Simpson
  • Notes from the Fell: Shrouds to Die For by Tom Knisely
  • Tips &Tricks for Warping your Loom by Deb Essen
  • Marli Ehrman: Weaving Bauhaus Threads in Chicago by Joan and Barry Cotter
  • Yarn Lab: Italian Silk Noil by Judy Stewart
  • Endnotes: Don’t Throw the Past Away by Sharon Airhart


  • Bouncing Baby Circles by Rebecca Fox (eight shaft)
  • Possession of Splendor by Nancy Dunlap (four shaft)
  • A Recipe for Thirsty Towels by Kate-Lange McKibben (eight shaft)
  • Circle and Diamond Towels by Linda Gettmann (four shaft)
  • Möbius Shawl by C. C. Earthly (rigid heddle)
  • Shadow-Weave Circles by Nancy Taylor (eight shaft)
  • Gumdrops and Blossoms Cowls by Susan Porter (eight shaft)
  • An Owly Scarf in M’s and O’s by Dorothy Tuthill (four shaft)
  • Snowflakes by Robin Wilton (eight shaft)
  • Bauhaus Placemats by Cate Buchanan (eight shaft)