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Handwoven, November/December 1992 Digital Edition

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The November/December 1992 issue of Handwoven magazine is for the weaver who wishes to improve and expand skills in dyeing fibers and fabrics, designing and weaving borders, and weaving ties.

Discover pile weaving and holiday projects in the November/December 1992 issue of Handwoven Magazine

Design dazzling borders for block weaves, twills, and more with the how-to articles in the November/December 1992 issue of Handwoven. Learn how to dye your fibers and fabrics effectively-and safely-with indigo. Projects include a krokbragd rug, twill napkins, and neckties in a variety of structures.

The feature articles of this issue will introduce to a variety of pile weaving styles and techniques:

  • Discover the Melmark Weaving Program and how it has proven successful with man mental and physical handicapped weavers.
  • Learn how to dye with household ingredients in an indigo vat.
  • Be inspired by Lydia Van Gelder, who still creates after a lifetime of weaving.
  • Discover the “why’s” and “how’s” of profile drafts in border creation for block weaves.
  • Create borders on all sides of a twill cloth in Creating Borders by Sharon Alderman.
  • Experiment in texture and cord weaves with iconic Nell Znamierowski and how his designs create exciting textiles.

Plus 15 patterns to practice ties, borders, and cord weaves!

  1. Classic Striped Tie by Manuela Kaulitz
  2. Ryckverk Tie by Maritta Carlstrom
  3. Tie from ancient draft by Marina O’Connor
  4. Tie with a Festive Touch by Louis S. Sierau
  5. “I’ll only wear it if it looks good” tie by Janet S. Petty
  6. Flying carped rug by Rosemary Olmsted
  7. Top with supplementary warp border by Betty Linn Davenport
  8. Bordered tablecloth and napkins by Sharon Alderman
  9. Chunky cotton child’s pullover by Janice Jones
  10. Flame-bordered coat in Moorman technique by Louise Bradley
  11. Fabrics for interiors #19 by Constance LaLena
  12. Overshot Bordered Runner by Jean Scorgie
  13. Lace Stripe Scarf by Margaret Gaynes
  14. Experiments in texture and cord weaves by Nell Znamierowski
  15. Textured mat with lace Bronson by Donna Muller

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Author/Designer: Handwoven Editors