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Handwoven, November/December 1989 Digital Edition

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Handwoven Nov/Dec 1989

Digital Magazine | 112 Pages

Expand your weaving repertoire with collapse weave, seersucker, and doublefaced overshot. Learn how to tame tricky yarns using simple-to-make sizings. Projects in this issue include a seersucker bag, doublefaced overshot table settings, and bead leno bags.

Highlights of this magazine include:

  • My Warps Lift Weights by M. Kati Meek
  • Escaping the Grid by Lynne Giles
  • Triaxial Weaves

Projects include:

  • Seersucker Bag
  • Doublefaced Overshot Table Settings
  • Bead Leno Bags
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Author/Designer: Handwoven Editors

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