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Handwoven May/June 2022

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Twills take center stage in this issue of Handwoven. The 10 projects range in scope from 3-shaft krokbragd mug rugs, to 4-shaft towels, twill and plain-weave combinations for scarves, napkins, and blankets, and an 8-shaft advancing twill for a drapey shawl.

Learn about Bedford seersucker, an unusual twill, get the backstory on Turkish towels in Traditions, and go on a journey of discovery with Tom Knisely in his Notes from the Fell as he explores a lesser used weft: poppana. Susan Bateman and Melissa Parsons continue their Best Practices series with tips for fixing mistakes on- and off-loom, and Deb Essen describes how to sell your handwovens, which as you’ll find out, isn’t just about pricing.

In-person weaving conferences are making a comeback this summer, and the big one, Convergence, is highlighted in What’s Happening by HGA board president Suzi Ballenger. If you are looking outside the box for a way to weave without equipment, Tommye McClure Scanlin’s paper weaving article will get you started; paper weaving is not only fun, but also instructional. This issue’s Yarn Lab takes two knitting yarns by Scheepjes for a spin as both warp and weft, and an inspiring Endnotes describes the design and weaving process for eight twill scarves made to honor and warm a group of canoeists as they made a 40-day journey into the Arctic Wilderness.


  • What’s Happening: Convergence by Suzi Ballenger
  • Idea Gallery: Paper Weaving Intriguing and Inspiring! by Tommye McClure Scanlin
  • Notes from the Fell: Poppana by Tom Knisely
  • Best Practices: Fixing Mistakes by Susan Bateman and Melissa Parsons
  • Selling Your Handwovens by Deb Essen
  • Sampling for Bedford Seersucker by Janet Phillips
  • Traditions: A Brief History of Turkish Towels by K. Rose James
  • Yarn Lab: Scheepjes Yarns by Barbara Goudsmit
  • Endnotes: Textiles for an Arctic Adventure by Anne Elixhauser


  • Vakker Mug Rugs by Anu Bhatia (3-shaft)
  • Wall of Troy Fade Napkins by Christine Jablonski (4-shaft)
  • A Basket of Stripes by Megan MacBride (8-shaft)
  • Broken Stripe Towel by Patty Crane (4-shaft)
  • Candy Stripe Blankets by Malynda Allen (6-shaft)
  • Gold Rush Shawl by Cynthia Cox (4-shaft)
  • Advancing by Steps by Deborah Heyman (8-shaft)
  • Natural Elegance by Judy Stewart (8-shaft)
  • Sunset Twist by Eileen Lee (8-shaft)
  • Big Wrap Beach Blanket by Cynthia Newman with Katzy Luhring (4-shaft)