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Handwoven May/June 2021

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Plaids and checks never go out of style—and when they are handwoven, they are even better. The twelve projects in this issue feature traditional and more contemporary takes on plaids, checks, tartans, and houndstooth patterns in table runners, blankets, placemats, and scarves. The wide range of projects includes an elegant, modern silk/wool houndstooth shawl, cheerful linen checkered napkins, and a tartan baby blanket. 

Articles reflect the issue’s theme with stories of plaids and tartans that hold meaning for both the weaver and/or the recipient. In her Idea Gallery article, Daryl Lancaster describes her process for designing and weaving plaid for a coat using leftovers in her stash. Toby Smith in turn writes about the meanings we weave into our cloth, including the tartan she wove to memorialize her cherished home when she had to move. Kathy Fitzgerald discusses how we view plaids and checks, and Judy Steinkoenig talks about weaving shawls for her daughter’s wedding as well as a tartan plaid for her grandson’s kilt. For the Yarn Lab, Angela K Schneider wove samples using Camilla Valley Farms 2/16 Worsted wool, a yarn designed specifically for weaving tartans. 


Projects + Stories:

  • Spotlight: A Checkered (and Plaided) History by Kathy Fitzgerald

  • Somewhere in Time by Carol Irving

  • Notes from the Fell: Caring for Your Reeds by Tom Knisely

  • Idea Gallery: Bits and Pieces Plaid by Daryl Lancaster

  • Weaving as Narrative by Toby Smith

  • Yarn Lab: Camilla Valley Farm 2/16 Worsted-Spun Wool by Angela Schneider

  • Wrap Me in Houndstooth by Carla Jeanne Hubbart (rigid heddle)

  • Asymmetric Elegance by Alison Irwin (4-shaft)

  • An Inkling of Summer by Mariellen Boss (inkle)

  • Celebration Pinwheels and Stars Scarves by Nancy Peck (rigid heddle or 4-shaft)

  • Fourth of July Picnic Towels by Yvonne Ellsworth (rigid heddle)

  • Palaka-Inspired Canvas Weave by Kate Lange-McKibben (4-shaft)

  • Mosaic Tiles by Lucienne Coifman (8-shaft

  • Luncheon Napkins by Kira Keck (2- or 4-shaft)

  • Trompe l’Oeil Placemats and Table Runner by Rebecca Fox (8-shaft)

  • Tartan Baby Blanket by Tom Knisely (4-shaft)

  • Gift-Exchange Towels by Pat Bullen (4-shaft)

  • New Hampshire Sunset by Janet A. Burns (4-shaft)

  • Endnotes: A Wedding Tartan by Judy Steinkoenig