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Handwoven, May/June 1993 Digital Edition

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The May/June 1993 Handwoven magazine is for the individual interested in all things cotton from cotton history to cotton weaving projects.

All about color in the March/April 1993 issue of Handwoven Magazine!

Learn all about the history and versatility of cotton with this issue devoted to this fabulous fiber. Projects include an imitation ikat vest, a colorful overshot baby blanket, and a slit-tapestry belt. Also featured is an article by Betty Davenport on adapting Handwoven projects so they can be woven on a rigid-heddle loom.

The feature articles of this issue will open your eyes to the diverse world of cotton:

  • Learn about the prehistoric cotton in the American Southwest spanning hundreds of years.
  • Improve your technique with a step-by-step instruction for designing color-and-weave-effect cloth.
  • Discover Handweaving in the Industrial Age (1865-1920) and the industry’s importance for many.
  • Explore the enduring properties of cotton in The Nature of Cotton.
  • Receive tips from a veteran cotton spinner.

Plus enjoy 16 cotton projects!

  1. Summer Stole by Margaret Gaynes
  2. Verde Valley Belt by Donna Muller
  3. Double Weave Jacket by Sallie Guy
  4. Shirts for Mother and Child by Louise Sierau
  5. Cotton Novelty Ensemble by Mary Berent
  6. Imitation Ikat Vest by Barbara Smith Eychaner
  7. Textured Placemats and Napkins by Barbara Smith Eychaner
  8. Rainbow Jacket by Judith Yamamoto
  9. Spring Flowers Rag Mats by Johanna Erickson
  10. Summer Top in M’s & O’s by Joy Morgan
  11. Handspun Scarf with Leno by Stephenie Gaustad
  12. Naturally Colored Cotton Ensemble by Betty Linn Davenport
  13. Rosebud Baby Blanket by Yvonne Stahl
  14. Color Blanket for a Baby by Lynne Greaves
  15. Batch of Baby Bibs by Marina O’Connor
  16. Fabrics for Interiors #21 by Constance LaLena

Get your copy of the May/June 1993 Handwoven Magazine and discover cotton!

Author/Designer: Handwoven Editors