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Long Thread Media

Handwoven, January/February 2019 Digital Edition

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The Handwoven January/February 2019 issue helps showcase the best characteristics of yarn blends to create something special. Enjoy 9 projects that feature 6 different weave structures including Twill, M's and O's, diversified plain weave, deflected doubleweave, shadow weave, and plain weave with weft manipulation. Plus, four of the projects are for 8-shaft looms, four of the projects are for 4-shaft looms, and one project is for a 2-shaft loom.

In her Traditions article, Sara Bixler gives you the history of the Shakers and their weaving and then teaches you their twisted-weft technique in her shaker-inspired rug. Then, Sara Goldenberg gives her philosophy of design and how she lets the yarns guide her as she warps and weaves on her rigid-heddle loom. Enrich our weaving world with some of the yarn blends featured in the January/February 2019 issue of Handwoven.

Author/Designer: Handwoven Editors