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Handwoven, January/ February 1992 Digital Edition

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If you’re looking to learn basics about felting, weaving jewelry, and eight-shaft loom weaving techniques and projects, the January/February 1992 issue of Handwoven magazine has what you're looking for!

Felting Techniques and Fiber Jewelry Making in the January/February 1992 issue of Handwoven Magazine!

Explore all that can be done with felted fabrics with weaving projects for hats, jackets, and slippers, plus ideas for finishing edges using crochet and knitting. Also, dive into fiber jewelry making with all sorts of woven accessories.

The feature articles of this issue will introduce you to weaving legends and new patterns:

  • Discover one of America’s oldest and most successful commercial handweaving studios in Berea, Kentucky.
  • Learn tips for interruption-free weaving.
  • Get a closer look at twill, a versatile weave structure.
  • Explore the oriental rugs of Orlo Duker in California.
  • Learn how to felt from fiber to fabric to hat, slippers, and jacket.
  • Find new tips and tricks for weaving with an eight-shaft loom. Just think “two!”

Test weaving skills and new felting and jewelry making techniques with a whopping 21 projects!

  1. Mixed Warp Scarf by Margaret Gaynes
  2. Cotton Twill Towels by Sharon Alderman
  3. Croghan's handsome plainweave throw, by Joanne Crogan
  4. Shadow Weave Runner by Deborah Linden
  5. Confetti Mug Rugs by Linda Hendrickson
  6. Checkerboard in a Bag by D. Neilsen
  7. Color Wheel Tea Set by Beverly Berg
  8. Felted Cape Coat by Dee Knisely
  9. Trillium-Flower Felted Jacket by Mary Curran
  10. Felted Cottage Boots by Erda Kappeler
  11. Felted Slippers by Phyllis Craig and Carol Ellis
  12. Triangular Pin by Charlene Leary
  13. Swedish Lace Barrettes by Judy Elson
  14. Collage Pins by Lynda McDaniel
  15. Wrapped Earrings by Jean Sullivan
  16. Needle Pins Kathryn Redman
  17. Boundweave Pins by Phyllis Miller
  18. Buttons by Beth Karjala
  19. Honeycomb Pin by Margaret Libsch
  20. Cat Tracks Pins by Wendy Sundquist
  21. Amulet Bag Necklace by Mary Hoogeveen

Get your copy of the January/February 1992 Handwoven Magazine and start a new project!

Author/Designer: Handwoven Editors