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Garment Construction Part 5: Closures for Handwoven Garments

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Garment Construction Part 5: Closures for Handwoven Garments

with Daryl Lancaster

On-Demand Web Seminar


Always include some sort of closure! This is true in life, and in garments. Handwoven garments can really jump to life with this final step, giving a strong visual statement and functionality as well. Some closures like bound buttonholes, need to be engineered up front, in the first steps of construction, and others like patch and loop closures can be done after the fact. There are lots of options and we will be exploring many of them! We will discuss zippers, bound buttonholes, loops and tubes, ball buttons, interrupted piping, frogs and more.


In this five part series, Daryl will guide you through the entire process, from deciding what to weave, selecting the pattern, learning how to fit the pattern for the best results, and finally how to construct garments that flatter, maintain stability in the cloth and pay homage to the creative process. Daryl has spent a lifetime making garments. She became a handweaver in the 1970's and has passionately combined the two, to create award winning garments from her handwoven fabric.


What you'll learn:

  • Learn how to creatively apply closures to any garment, even after the garment is completed!
  • Explore tubes and loops and topically applied closures.
  • Learn how to make inseam buttonholes, and use piping as a closure.
  • Explore more couture closures like triangular bound buttonholes.
  • Discuss zippers, frogs, handworked buttonholes and more!

Who should attend:

  • Handweavers who would like to create garments from their yardage.
  • Garment makers who would like to create beautiful appropriate closures that catch the eye and function too!
  • Handweavers and garment makers who want their garments to look polished and professional from both inside and out!
About the instructor: Daryl Lancaster, a hand-weaver and fiber artist known for her hand-woven garments, has been sewing for more than 45 years. She gives lectures and workshops to guilds, conferences, and craft centers all over the United States. The former Features Editor for Handwoven Magazine, she frequently contributes to various weaving and sewing publications. Daryl maintains a blog at

Download Garment Construction Part 5: Closures for Handwoven Garments today!

Author/Designer: Daryl Lancaster